5 Spring Wedding Flowers You’ll Love


Spring is officially here and in full swing! The weather is improving, the flowers are blooming and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the union of two people in love! I must admit that I’ve always been a sucker for spring weddings, which could very well be the reason I’ve chosen a November wedding of my own.

Although weddings are made up of a whole lot of little elements, I’ve always thought of flowers as quite an important feature. I already know that peonies will be the stars of the show (so to speak) on my big day.

As well as the beautiful weather, spring also happens to be the season with the most varied choice of blooms. Another wonderful fact about spring weddings is that because a lot more flowers are in bloom throughout these few months, they tend to be more readily available. This floral abundance means that flowers are a bit cheaper to purchase during this time because they don’t have to be imported. YAY!

Today I thought I’d share the most beautiful, 5 spring wedding flowers (in my humble opinion), from all the gorgeous choices that are available.


Availability- October/November

Soft, delicate and beautiful; peonies are a favourite choice for brides all over the world. Their primarily pastel colours are perfect for a wedding. P.S- They also just so happen to be my favourite flower of all time!

pink peonies


Availability- All Year (David Austen Rose from October)

How can you go past the classic beauty of a rose? Traditional, elegant and sweet smelling; a bouquet of roses is a magnificent sight. Roses are also a great choice because they come in such varied colours and shades. You’re sure to find a hue that matches your colour scheme for the day.



Availability- November onwards

Quite popular at the moment, the hydrangea is a unique looking flower that is commonly found in shades of white, blue, purple and pink. They are fantastic for centerpieces because of their large, rounded shape.



Availability- Febuary-November

Bright, vibrant and bold; tulips will add a gorgeous burst of colour to any wedding. They look especially gorgeous against an ivory dress or as a table flower arrangement, against light coloured linen. Another added bonus is that they come in a wide range of gorgeous colours.



Availability- August to November

Less commonly known for its involvement in weddings, the magnolia flower is particularly beautiful in its simplicity. In tones of white and pale pink, the magnolia is perfect to complement a dreamy, pastel colour scheme.


Are you planning to get married in the spring? Perhaps you already have? Which of these 5 spring wedding flowers is your favourite? Tell me your stories in the comments below.

Until next time,

Siobhan x


Selected images via Dollar Photo Club

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