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10 Tips to Write a Memorable Maid of Honour Toast!

A few months back I was privileged to act as maid of honour at the wedding of two beautiful friends. I was super excited about being such an important part of their big day so needless to say, I was quite nervous about the aspect of writing the perfect wedding toast.

How can I make it witty, yet sentimental and personal but still engaging for everyone else in the room? After much thought and research, I discovered that it could be all that I wanted it to be. (more…)

Postcards from… Lake Louise, Canada

I must admit that of all the incredible cities and places we visited on our North American journey at the beginning of this year, Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada was one of my absolute favourites and so I’ll share with you the second instalment of our ‘Postcards from…The Canadian Rockies’ ; a three part look at the most awe inspiring natural beauty you’ve ever laid eyes on (I know that’s a heavy statement, but so true).


7 Edible Beauty Ingredients to Change your Life!

Edible Beauty Favourites!

With the hundreds and thousands of beauty products on the market, it can be tricky sometimes to know whether or not you’re making the right choice for you.

I know we all have our favourites (hello Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster), but did you know that there are certain ingredients more commonly found in the kitchen pantry that can actually work wonders for you and your beauty routine? What’s even better is that they are usually a lot more affordable. (more…)

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