15 Bridal Shower Themes She’ll Love!

So you’ve been chosen as one of the very special few to stand up next to her on her special day…. what’s next?

In my experience, acting as bridesmaid or maid of honour is so much more than simply wearing a pretty dress, holding a bouquet of roses and walking down the aisle.

Perhaps it’s just me, but planning the perfect bridal shower that’s oh-so-unique to the beautiful bride-to-be is super dooper fun, not to mention an awesome way to get those creative, event planning juices flowing! Providing she’s not the ultimate Bridezilla that is, which I myself have never encountered, have you?

Today I’m sharing my top 15 Bridal Shower Themes She’ll Love, just incase you’re a newbie to the world of bridesmaids (in which case, welcome) and need some inspiration.

  1. Garden Party- Whether it’s at home in the backyard or at a local garden, a tea party amongst the flowers on a sunny day is sure to please.Garden party table setting.
  2. High Tea- Why not embrace the elegance of the wedding spirit with scrumptious cakes, scones and champagne with all the bride’s besties? It’s also a great excuse to dress in your Sunday best! Try The Hotel Windsor in Melbourne for an unforgettable experience.high tea
  3. Frenchy Chic- Red, blue, white, towers, croissants, macarons, bérets… the list is endless. Have fun decorating the venue in a French coloured theme and perhaps a dress code too! An especially cute idea if your bride is travelling to France on her honeymoon.france and eiffel tower
  4. Black and White- For a bold theme that really makes a statement try a black and white theme for all the decorations and décor. Choose one statement colour to scatter amongst the monochrome (my preference is definitely a shade of pink) for some eye-catching fun.black and white party theme
  5. Beachfront Brunch- Choose a venue with a breathtaking view of the ocean and decorate with a classy nautical colour scheme. Gorgeous navy and white bunting would look gorgeous against white linen and the crystal blue of the sea.beach brunch
  6. Pastel Hues- Use a venue of your choice and layer with pastel coloured flowers, balloons, linen and desserts with a pastel dress code to top it off.pastel decorations
  7. DIY Crafternoon- Set up a table with enough craft supplies and flowers for each guest to create their very own flower crown. A gorgeous and unique way for everyone to have fun and get creative over tea or cocktails.girl wearing a flower crown
  8. Pool Party- If you, the bride or a close friend has a pool to use then a pool party on a summers day can be a memorable shower indeed. Include a gourmet BBQ feast and some fun outdoor games to really make it a special day.girls at pool party
  9. Alice in Wonderland- If the bride-to-be is known for her brilliant imagination then why not host a magical Alice in Wonderland party to knock her socks off? In terms of decorating ideas, you are only limited by your own creativity. If in doubt, go back and watch the film for some enchanting inspiration.alice in wonderland party
  10. Vintage- Get thrifty and round up all the beautiful vintage tea cups and plates from antique or thrift stores and set them down in each place setting on top of a crisp white tablecloth.vintage tea cups
  11. Luxury Spa Day- Treat the bride-to-be to a luxury day at the spa complete with massages, facials and a mani/pedi before enjoying a relaxed lunch together. My favourite place for this is the Peninsula Hot Springs.girls at a luxury spa
  12. On a Boat- Whether it be river or ocean, enjoying cocktails and h’orderves while sailing along in the summer sun with some chilled out tunes is the ultimate choice for bridal shower luxury. Make sure the bride doesn’t get sea sick though and perhaps have some motion sickness medicine on hand just in case. For those of you in Melbourne, Tasmania or the Whitsundays, be sure to check out the Pearl (and yes, it’s classified as a super yacht!).luxury yacht
  13. Wine and Cheese tasting- Two of my great loves make the perfect (and delicious) theme to a connoisseur bride. Head to a specialist store to choose the best of the best to present at the shower or perhaps even hire an expert to come and shower their cheesy wisdom upon everyone until they can’t possibly consume another bite.wine and cheese
  14. Bohemian Bliss- Simply gather all the pretty and brightly coloured rugs and cushions you can find and place them down in your yard or a local garden. Add some lanterns (perhaps hanging from a tree) and Moroccan food and you’re good to go.boho party cushions
  15. Something Blue- Decorate the venue in different tones of blue and have each guest wear a subtle bit of blue as part of their outfit. A nice idea would be to get every guest to bring a special ‘something blue’ for the bride so she is spoilt for choice on the big day.something blue decorations

Have you ever planned or attended an extra special or memorable bridal shower? Have you used one of these 15 bridal shower themes? Tell me your stories in the comments below.

Until next time,

Siobhan x

Images from Dollar Photo Club.


2 Comments on 15 Bridal Shower Themes She’ll Love!

  1. Charlotte
    September 2, 2015 at 6:19 am (3 years ago)

    Love the ideas- so many great things to pick up & run with to make your own! We did number 7 at my bridal weekend & it was incredible…think a whole table of 15 ladies with a floristry in front of them making gorgeous peony flower crowns 🙂 Definitely a highlight of the weekend & a way to avoid the dreaded ‘Bride to Be’ sashes haha x

    • Siobhan
      September 4, 2015 at 1:51 pm (3 years ago)

      That sounds absolutely gorgeous, Charlotte! Peonies are my absolute favourite flower and I can’t imagine a better way to spend my shower than surrounded by my best friends and a table full of peonies!
      thank for stopping by.
      Siobhan x


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